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Water Department

The Water Department at Public Works is made up of four employees.

1 - Water/Sewer Supervisor

1 - Line Maintenance Crew Leader

2 - Water Utility Maintenance Workers

It is the responsibility of this crew to insure that safe, clean drinking water is distributed to the more than 4600 water customers of the City of Dunn without interruption.

This crew is responsible for the operation and maintainance of the approximately 86 miles of water lines throughout the City of Dunn. This crew makes water taps for new homes and businesses and replaces water service taps that have become unusable. They are involved in the installation and repair of water meters and troubleshooting water meter problems. The water department is responsible for the repair of water main breaks and is tasked to do so in such a manner as to minimize periods of service interruption.

The water department is subject to working in extreme conditions 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Should anyone have water problems or need to call in to report a leak they can do so by calling Public Works at 910-892-2948. After hours we can be reached through the Police Department at 910-892-2345. The on call worker will be dispatched out to evaluate the report.