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This department uses employees and contractors to accomplish its work responsibilities.

Normal Household Waste

The City provides one 90 gallon trash can, which is emptied one time each week. It is collected by Republic Waste and delivered to the transfer station for the City. All trash including boxes, packaging materials, food scraps, and other household trash must be placed inside the trash can. If the lid will not close the trash could fall outside of the truck. If the trash falls outside the truck it may not be picked up because a mechanical arm dumps the can.

The contractor we use is REPUBLIC WASTE SERVICE. They empty the trash containers all over the city once each week. Information on Republic Waste Service can be obtained by clicking on the name on the left side of the screen.

If you are unable to roll out your garbage container it can be done for you. You may call and request an application or print one here and send it back to the Public Works Department and it will be taken care of by the contractor, Republic Waste Service. Please allow them time to get you on a backdoor route. Any questions you can call them at (910) 892-2864.

Curbside Collection Items and Policy

Federal and State regulations are requiring County landfill officials to ensure that certain types of waste are properly seperated prior to disposal. Some items that could be mixed and picked up together are now prohibited from entering the landfill. These regulations are making it necessary for the City to pick up only those items that are (1) allowed by Federal, State, and/or local law for pick up and (2) collect only those items that are properly seperated at the curbside.

2. Bulky Househould Furniture Items

Bulky items, such as worn out furniture, appliances, etc., may be collected by reporting to the Public Works Office to have your residence added on the collection list. The collection day will be set aside by the Public Works office and may change from time to time to accomodate the Harnett County Landfill Guidelines. It shall not be placed behind the curb for pickup more than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the collection date. The extent of such city collection service shall not include major deposits of unwanted or abandoned furniture, appliance or other household incidentals or construction materials resulting from property owners cleaning out owner-occupied, rental or lease properties or from major internal or external renovations or modifications to their properties. If items placed at curb for pickup do not meet the aforementioned guidelines, a tag notice will be given and processed in accordance with Section 18-42.

3. Leaves and Grass Clippings

A large vacuum truck picks up leaves and grass clippings on a continuous route around the city. It's route time around will vary depending on the amount of materials that is put out for pickup. During heavy leaf periods such as Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays the pickup route is very slow. This truck runs full time unless it has a breakdown. Please bear with us during heavy leaf season. Leaves are to be placed curbside. Do not mix anything with the leaves or grass clippings . Do not put them in bags, they will not get picked up .

4. Limbs and Shrub Trimmings

A boom truck runs a continous route around the city to collect limbs placed at the curbside. The limbs must not be larger than 5 inches in diameter or longer than 5 feet in length. If you hire a contractor or pay an individual to cut your limbs they are responsible to haul the debris to the landfill. The City will not pick up contractor or paid labor works.

Nothing may be mixed with the limbs including leaves, grass clippings, lumber, construction, or demolition materials.

Please make sure there are no power lines, tree limbs or anything blocking the pickup of trash carts and materials approved for city collection. There must be clear area above and around the trash cart and approved materials for equipment to work.

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