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Dunn: All-American City 1989-2013

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The street department consist of the following:
1- Street Maintenance Supervisor
2- Equipment Operators
5- Street Maintenance Workers

Our street department is responsible for a variety of different jobs, including:

  • Concrete work, curb and gutter work, as well as sidewalk work and repairs on the City right of way.
  • Street repairs with asphalt for potholes, cuts made to repair water or sewer lines, and other street repairs on the City right of way.
  • Storm drains are cleaned and maintained throughout the City as well as catch basins which are made with new concrete forms when needed. Storm drain pipe is replaced in areas where needed, and new pipes are installed to fix water flow problems.
  • All City street sign names are made here at Public Works and replaced or added when needed. The directions signs on city-maintained streets are also the responsibility of the street department, such as speed limit signs, yield signs, and stop signs.

Remember, there are roads inside the city limits that are state roads, meaning they are maintained and repaired by NCDOT rather than the City of Dunn.

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