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The water & sewer department has one supervisor.

The sewer department for the City of Dunn is staffed by two employees. Sr. Equipment Operator and Sewer Equipment Operator/Backup ORC. These two employees are responsible for the operation and general maintenance of the Cityís wastewater collection system. As part of their duties these workers make sewer taps for new homes and businesses, renew sewer taps that due to age have become unusable, make repairs on sewer services and sewer mains, and respond to customer complaints concerning sewer blockages.

This department also has at itís disposal a combination jet vac truck for cleaning the more than seventy-five miles of sewer lines that lie underneath the city streets of Dunn. It is the goal of this crew to clean at least ten percent of the system annually as a preventive measure. With this the crew is capable of keeping the sewer system free of sand, grease, roots and whatever else contributes to main line blockages. Click on theWater Environment Federation Website link on the right of this page for addtional information on your water and sewer needs.

Another very important duty performed by this crew is sewer line inspection. This is done primarily by inspection cameras. The city has two cameras with which to perform these tasks, a main line camera and a service camera. The main line camera is used for general inspection and to pinpoint trouble areas within the sewer system. The service camera is used to inspect the sewer laterals from residences. If homeowners are having difficulties with their sewer line this is a valuable tool in determining what is causing the problem so that it can be repaired. One of the major causes of sewer blockages is the build up of grease in the lines. This can lead to sewer service interuptions and eventually to sanitary sewers overflows which are harmful to the environment. The elimination of grease is a very important factor in the maintianing a well operating sewer system.

The sewer department can be reached 24 hours a day through the Police Department at (910) 892-2399. The on call man will be dispatched to evaluate the call.

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