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QWill you pick up bushes we have pulled up
ANo. Clippings are picked up on a regular basis. Bushes or trees that have been removed by the roots are considered land clearing and the Harnett County Landfill will not allow them to be mixed with regular tree limbs and brush trimmings.

QCan we bag our leaves to keep them from blowing
ANo. Bagged leaves will not be picked up. The City Vacuum Trucks vacuum the leaves and grass piled at the curb.

QCan we put out furniture for pickup

Yes. But you need to call Public Works any day prior to Wednesday's pickup route to give your address so we can get it on our pickup list. Pickup is on Wednesday's only. Furniuture items for total house clean out or for move outs will not be picked up. The furniture pickup is for residents that have replaced items, or have broken items.

TV's are considered a recycle item and will not be picked up by the City trucks.

QIs there a charge for furniture pickup
ANo, but you need to call in before the pickup date on Wednesday and get your address added to the pickup list.

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