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The city buildings have 2 primary workers one for custodial, and one for facility maintenance.

Our Building Custodian cleans inside of all rooms in all city buildings and removes trash generated by employees in their daily work. The buildings which he is responsible for is City Hall, including the courtroom, Administration Department, Police Department, Finance Department, Library Building, Public Works Department and Police Substations.

The Building Custodian can also be depended upon to step in other places on different projects when needed.

Our Facilities Maintenance Specialist maintains and repairs all facilities of the City. He is responsible for all normal plumbing, electrical, mechanical, roofing and general building repairs in addtion to special projects designated by the Public Works Director as needed. If a repair job is more than Mr. Benson can handle, he will line the proper organizations up to do the work for the City.

Mr. Benson is also called to different projects and is willing to help out where he is needed. The facilities maintenance specialist schedule is the same for public works employees, 8-5 Monday-Friday lunch 12-1.

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