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Backflow/Grease Trap

Water management

Cross-connection control program

This City program has one coordinator that can be reached at (910) 892-2948.

Federal law requires the City of Dunn to protect the water supply from potenial contamination or pollution. Contamination can occur when a water supply line to a customer is connected to equipment containing a substance not fit for drinking. These connections are called cross-connections. In order to prevent contamination of supply lines from these cross-connections, the city has developed and implemented an ordinance which requires all industrial, commercial, and irrigation customers to obtain a permit and install backflow prevention assemblies. These assemblies must be installed on the customerís property before any branching of the private system.

Both new and existing customers of the cityís water supply are evaluated by cross-connection control staff to determine which hazard, if any exist and the type of backflow preventers that will be required.

After an approved backflow prevention assembly has been installed and tested, it must be retested annually by individuals who have been certified by an approved testing school. A copy of the testerís licenses and calibration test report must be on file with the public works department, cross-connection section. The calibration report must be done annually. The city maintains a list of qualified testers that is available to all customers. To download a cross connection tester form click here.

Grease Trap Prgram

When Wastewater pipes become blocked by oil and grease, a common result may be sewer overflows. Sewer overflows can have potentially serious environmental health impacts. The easiest way to help prevent overflows it to minimize grease disposal into the collection system from homes and restaurants. All restaurants in the city are required to have grease traps and maintain them and keep a written record of maintenance for three(3) years. All such records must be available for inspection by the city at all times. At this time there are no requirements on homes but everyones help is needed to keep our sanitary sewer systems flowing freely. Click on the Water Environmental Federation link at the right of page for more information.