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The Public Works Department is responsible for keeping the grass cut on the rail trail, all city right of ways, city owned lots and weedy vacant lot which notices have been sent out and time limit has expired which an order has been since to us to cut.

The Weedy vacant lots are handled throught the Public Works Department. If it has grown up more than 12" high a warning letter is sent to property owners to get it cleaned up. If the time limit is not meet or arrangements made by property owners, then we have the order to cut it and the property owner will be billed. The billing prices are listed below. A weedy lot complaint form may be downloaded here or you can call our office at (910) 892-2948 and your complaint will be addressed. If a weedy lot has an structure on it, such as a building or a house, then it is reported to the Code Enforcement Officer, Stephen King. Mr. King's office is located at the City of Dunn Inspections Office. He can be reached at (910) 230-3505.

Prices for cutting
Please see City of Dunn Fee Schedule effective July 1, 2009.

Failure to pay once you are billed for the cutting will result in a tax lien against your property.