Welcome to Dunn, NC: It's All Right Here!

Dunn - Erwin Rail Trail

Dunn-Erwin Rail-Trail, 5.3 miles on the Aberdeen and Rockfish railroad corridor. The trail emerges from the heart of Dunn and Erwin and travels through their suburban and light industrial fringe, through rural farmland dotted with cotton fields and cottages across the beautiful Black River and its wetlands. See our new Dunn-Erwin page for info on attractions near the trail. The trail has been designated as part of the East Coast Greenway. Trail heads are located in both downtown Dunn and downtown Erwin. Historic markers are located along the trail as well as restaurants and shops at both ends. Trail is open in daylight hours only. For information contact (910) 892-3282 and see Dunn Erwin Trail Map The City of Dunn Public Works maintains the trail. There are several locations for entering the trail around the City of Dunn as well as the Town of Erwin. There is a parking area and a map of the trail at the Ashe Avenue and Powell Avenue enterances to the Rail Trail. The trail provides the community with a low-impact form of excercise for the whole family.

The trail is also designated as a North Carolina Birding Trail