Welcome to Dunn, NC: It's All Right Here!

Welcome to the Dunn Police Department

Welcome to the Police Department!

The City of Dunn is currently staffed by

41 sworn police officers and 12 civilian employees.

The city encompasses an area of

five square miles with a population of 10,000.

The city is located between

New York and Florida at exit 73 on I-95.

The Police Department Investigates Motor Vehicle Accidents,

Investigates and Prosecutes all Crimes,

Enforcement of Drug and Alcohol Laws,

Enforcement of Juvenile Laws,

Crime Prevention Programs,

Juvenile Delinquency Programs,

Enforcement of all Animal laws and assists the

public in various community functions.

The Uniformed Patrol Division currently operates with

four squads of 12-hour shifts.

Average work schedule is 168 hours in a 28 day cycle.

Operations include Administration,

Patrol Division, Criminal Investigations Division,

Police Athletic/Activities League and Animal Control Division.

The Goal of the Police Department is to Serve and Protect.