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Dunn Pedestrian Plan 2008

Over the past year the City of Dunn has been working with a private consultant and a steering committee, which consisted of members from the community, to comprise the Dunn Pedestrian Plan. The intent of the Dunn Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan is to provide guidance for making the City of Dunn a more pedestrian-friendly community. Partially funded by a grant from NCDOT and matching funds from the City of Dunn, the Pedestrian Plan serves several purposes, including:

�� To promote a better understanding of the measures that can be taken to create more and safer walking trips in Dunn;

�� To identify in the Plan a clear schedule of projects, programs, and policies that Dunn and partnering agencies can complete to improve the walking environment; and

�� During the planning process and afterwards, to create a better awareness of walking as a viable mode of transportation that can serve as a reliable substitute for some trips being made by private auto now; contribute to a healthier lifestyle; and reduce carbon and other emissions associated with motorized travel.

The Pedestrian Plan offers guidance for future pedestrian-related projects and improvements in the City, as well as recommended programs and policies that will improve local walking conditions. The results of the Plan will be a safe, accessible pedestrian system, as well as programs and policies that encourage residents and visitors alike to walk, rather than drive, around town.

Due to its total size, the City of Dunn Pedestrian Plan has been seperated into four sections. To download the section click one of the icons below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4