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Frequently Asked Questions

QCan I place a for sale or other type of sign at the intersection down the street?
ANo, signs are not allowed in the right-of-way or on utility poles. Only on-premise signs are allowed with a permit. This regulation prevents safety hazards associated with temporary signs obstructing vision at intersections. This can cause unnecessary traffic accidents. In addition, these signs are unsightly and have a negative effect on the appearance of our community.

QI want to construct a fence in my yard. Do I need a permit and is there a maximum fence height?

No, a zoning permit is not required to build a fence. The maximum height of a fence in the front yard is four (4) ft and the maximum height of a fence in the rear yard is six (6) ft. The fence shall be on your property and not in the right of way or adjoining property.

QDo I need a development permit to place or construct a utility building on my property?

Yes, a development permit is required to protect the interest of you and your neighbors. The planning staff can assist you determining the appropriate place for your utility (accessory) building.

QCan I store business-related trucks on my residential property?
AYou may have no more than one truck up to one-ton size. Other commercial vehicle equipment storage is not allowed in residential zones.