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  • All inspections are to be scheduled one day in advance; the inspection will be scheduled at the earliest available date.

  • When scheduling an inspection, give the permit number, address and type of inspection requested. All scheduling is done through the Inspection's office (910-230-3505).

  • All cancellations must be done before 9 a.m. on date of inspection.

  • All gas inspections are faxed in at 4 p.m. each day to the proper utility.

  • Inspections can be scheduled separately.

  • Before the framing inspection can be scheduled, all other trades must be completed and signed off.

  • When scheduling an inspection, be sure inspection is ready at the time of request.

  • Foundation survey must be on file prior to scheduling a floor system inspection or any rough-ins for slab homes. Surveys must be in the office by 5 p.m. on day prior to scheduled inspection.

  • Inspections may be faxed or called in.
    Fax (910) 230-9005 / Phone (910) 230-3505

Permit Applications
»Commerical Permit Package
»Development Permit Application
»Electrical Permit Application
»Fire Sprinkler Permit Application
»Fire Alarm Permit Application
»Fixed Fire Suppression Permit Application
»Homeowner's Guide - New Single Family Dwelling
»Homeowner's Guide - Alterations, Additions and Decks
»Irrigation Permit Application
»Manufactured Home Permit Application
»Mechanical Permit Application
»Plumbing Permit Application
»Privilege License Application
»Residential Permit Application
»Swimming Pool Permit Application
»Tent/Temporary Membrane Permit
»Fee Schedule
»Residential Impact Fees
»Add/Change Contractor
»Backflow Test & Maintenance
»Affidavit of Workers' Compensation Coverage
»Authorization to Sign Permit Applications
»Commercial Submittal Checklist
»Complaint Form
»Lien Agent Information
»Minimum Housing Petition
»Residential Submittal Checklist
»Wood Deck Specficiations
»When Do I Need a Building Permit?
»Engineering Design & Construction Standards
»Minimum Housing Code

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