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QWhen is a permit required?

State law requires that permits be obtained before

  1. The construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, movement to another site, removal or demolition of any building;
  2. The installation, extension or general repair of any plumbing system;
  3. The installation, extension, alteration or general repair of any heating or cooling equipment system;
  4. The installation, extension, alteration or general repair of any electrical wiring, devices, appliances or equipment without first securing from the Inspection Department with jurisduction over the site of the work each permit required by the North Carolina State Building Codes and other State or local law or local ordinance or regulation applicable to the work.
  5. Replacing stucco.

QWhen is permit not required?
  • The replacement of non-structural cosmetic building elements such as

Floor and wall coverings
Molding and trim work
Cabinets and casework
Roof coverings of the same fire resistance.

  • Residential accessory buildings that are no more than 12 feet in any dimension (However, you will need to check with Planning & Zoning at 910-230-3503.)
  • Replacement of electrical fixtures and components when work is not done within the wall or ceiling cavity or behind the finished wall or ceiling surface.
  • Replacement of plumbing fixtures when the work does not go beyond the trap seal.
  • Installation of low voltage exterior landscape lighting.

QCan a homeowner act as his/her own general contractor?

Yes; however, when the homeowner acts as their own general contractor, they are assuming responsibility for all work done and they must reside at that residence for a period of twelve months before the property can be sold.

QWhen is a Licensed General Contractor required?

Where the cost of the undertaking is thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) or more.

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