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App. Process, Permitting, & Fees
  • All applications must be filled out in full, including subcontractor’s state and current local (privilege) license numbers, total square footage (including porches and decks), and total cost of construction. Applications not completed will not be accepted.
  • Applications must be accompanied by two engineered sets of complete drawings (min. 3/16 scale) with current engineer seal and site plan. (For non-residential applications, three sets of engineered drawings along with building code summary sheet and energy data sheet are required.)
  • If you are to sign the application for your subcontractor, a letter from the subcontractor authorizing this must be on file.
  • A current copy of worker’s compensation policy must be on file.
  • Allow one to two weeks for plan review and permitting. All applications will be reviewed and processed according to date received.
  • For any changes to permit or application after the permit has been processed, a $50 processing fee must be paid prior to any inspections.
  • Water meter will be installed within one to two days after permit is issued.