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Another scam was reported today, this one a little different. A male (with a foreign accent) phoned a citizen claiming to be an IRS employee. He told the victim that her taxes for the years 2008 through 2012 were incorrect and accused the victim of fraud. The caller told the victim she owed the IRS 4769.00 and 900.00 had to be paid immediately. The victim did not agree to pay the money and hung up on the caller. A short time later she received a call from 910-230-3550 and shows up as City of Dunn (this is a valid city number). This caller (also w/foreign accent) told the victim that if she did not talk with the IRS he would come to her house and arrest her.

This call did not come from the Dunn Police Department. It is my understanding that these type suspects manipulate what is shown on caller ID. We don't know where these calls originate, but they are believed to be coming from overseas.

The Dunn Police Department is not in any way associated with these callers.

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