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Dunn: All-American City 1989-2013

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Quality & Excellence
The standards of excellence which we apply to our service make a direct and powerful difference in the quality of our jobs and the quality of life in our community.

As a public enterprise, we are accountable to our fellow citizens for the dollars we spend and the quality of service we render.

We are a business. Our success-the vitality and prosperity of our city-depends on our productivity.

Our business serves as a diversity of needs and must respond to a multitude of expectations-our own as well as our customers. We can do this successfully and creatively by working together among ourselves and with the public.

No one has a corner on ideas or solutions. To grow responsibly and effectively, we must be open to each other and our customers.

Personal Development
As individual human beings, our potential for making a difference in our business is unlimited. By developing our skills and abilities, we enhance not only our job satisfaction but also the quality of service our city offers.

Conditions of Work
Productive, harmonious relationships between management and City employees or City employee groups can best be achieved if relationships and policies concerning conditions of work are clearly set forth.

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